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SOLD February 2010

Acres:   14,727+/- acres                                                                                                               

Animal Units:   The ranch is currently running 3,500 cows.                                                               

Cash or a possible $20,000,000.00 note may be assumed by a qualified buyer.                                              
Northeast Texas, Fannin County, 130 miles northeast of Dallas, 25 miles northwest of Paris.

Seldom do you have the opportunity to purchase a ranch of this quality with exceptional soils from the pastures to the rich Red River bottom land and yet unique in that almost 80% of the entire acreage could be farmed.  There are currently 3,000 acres under pivot irrigation and another 650 acres to be added bringing a total of 17 pivots and 3,650 acres under irrigation. Another 2,700 acres is either tilled or no tilled to wheat and oats for winter grazing.

The approximately 3,500 cows, on the ranch, their offspring and bulls can be worked, handled and fed with ease.  The ranch has an excellent set of covered working pens in the center of the ranch, with lanes and alleys leading from all 45 pastures to the working area which has several traps for holding and weaning calves. Feed Lot #1 and #2, holding approximately 3,000 cattle, 2 large concrete Silage Pits 100' x 200' each, 13 grain bins and 12 good hay barns.  Also a commodity barn with 7 compartments.  All of this is very useful in growing calves and developing their registered bulls and many other uses.            

The new state of the art sale barn was built for the marketing and sale the many replacement heifers and breeding bulls produced and sold on the ranch.  The approximately 3,500 cows, bulls and all the equipment can be purchased at a separate treaty, the price of both will be determined at the time of contract. The new purchaser could have $13,000,000.00 plus in depreciable assets in the ranch, improvements, equipment, etc.  and another $7,000,000.00 in cattle for a total of approximately $20,000,000.00 in depreciable assets.      

The production of the ranch includes, corn, wheat, oats, soybeans,  and production from the 3,500 cows, selling several hundred replacement heifers  and bulls and approximately $120,000.00 per year in government payments. The 2,693 acres of wetlands produces excellent income from the hunting of deer, hogs and ducks.  If you are looking for a high producing, good quality ranch with excellent diversified income, give us a call on the Riverby Land & Cattle Ranch.           


Manager's Residence:  
3800 sq. ft.
Assistant Manager Residence:
3,800 sq. ft.                                          
Employee Housing #1:
2,800 sq. ft.                                          
Employee Housing #2:
1,800 sq. ft.                                          
Guest Housing #1:
2,184 sq. ft.                                  
Guest Housing #2:
3,840 sq. ft.                                  
Employee Housing Mobile Home:
980 sq. ft.                                       

Store & Office: 4,754 sq. ft. 

Barns, Shops, Sheds & Misc. Buildings:
Main barns at Working Pens:
220' x 270', 59,400 sq. ft.                                                                    
Hay Barn #1:
60' x 80', 4,800 sq. ft.                           
Hay Barn #2:
60' x 80', 4,800 sq. ft.                           
Hay Barn #3:
80' x 80', 6,400 sq. ft.                           
Hay Barn #4:
60' x 80', 4,800 sq. ft.                           
Hay Barn #5:
80' x 80', 6,400 sq. ft.                         
Hay Barn #6:
80' x 80', 6,400 sq. ft.                           
Hay Barn #7:
60' x 100', 6,000 sq. ft.                         
Hay Barn #8:
60' x 100', 6,000 sq. ft.                         
Hay Barn #9:
60' x 80', 4,800 sq. ft.                           
Hay Barn #10:
60' x 100' , 6,000 sq. ft.                     
Hay Barn #11:
60' x 100', 6,000 sq. ft.                       
Hay Barn #12:
80' x 160', 12,800 sq. ft.                    

Equipment Shed: 
100' x 160', 16,000 sq. ft.                          
Equipment Shop: 
60' x 60', 3,600 sq. ft.                 
Equipment Shed, concrete floor: 
140' x 180', 25,200 sq. ft.                           
Commodity Shed, metal & concrete: 
40' x 140', 5,600 sq. ft.                        
Commodity Shed, metal & concrete:
50' x 75', 3,750 sq. ft.                         

Sun Shelters:                                                                                                    

2-20' x 50', 2,000 sq. ft.                                                  
3-10' x 20', 600 sq. ft.                                                     
7-30' x 50', 10,500 sq. ft.

Feed Storage & Feeding Facilities:                                                                                                         
3 Hopper Bottom Bins                                                                                                   
10 - 20,000 bu. grain bins with concrete floor.                                                                                                     
2 Concrete Silage Pits 100' x 200'                                                                                                               

Feed Lot #1:                                                                                                      
1,500' Concrete Troughs                                                                                                              
1,500' Cover                                                                                                      
7,100' Pipe Fencing                                                                                                         

Feed Lot #2:                                                                                                      
1,200' Concrete Troughs                                                                                                              
6,000' Pipe Fencing                                                                                                         

Sale Barn & Facilities:  

33,839 sq. ft.  Metal Building with concrete flooring and concrete parking.                                                            

2 - Offices/Bedrooms                                                                                                    
Lobby area with fireplace, furniture, commercial kitchen fully furnished with stainless steel appliances.
Sale ring surrounded by 400 seat bleachers.                                                                                                       
Breeding Room and Embryo Packaging Room with stainless steel appliances.
Priefert Panels surrounding back and side of building as Cattle Pens and alley ways.

10 miles of asphalt and gravel roads throughout the ranch.

This ranch has an abundance of water.  The annual average rainfall for the area is approximately 45", the ranch boundaries the Red River and has 2 large diesel pumps which supply water for the 12 Pivot Irrigation towers, Bois D'Arc Creek also runs through the ranch south to north.  There is also a pump station in place with underground pipe for an additional 5 more pivots.  Numerous ponds throughout the ranch.         

This ranch ranges from small rolling hills on the east side to level pastures and level bottom land on the west.

Much of the ranch has new fencing with pipe corners and t-post and 5 to 6 strand barbed wire.  All fences are either new or adequate.      

The grasses on the ranch run from several hundred acres of Coastal Bermuda inter seeded with Common Bermuda, some native and several varieties of clovers.  Several hundred acres has been tilled or no tilled drilled to wheat and sown to rye grass for cool season grasses.     

Whitetail deer, hogs, turkey.  The 2,693 acres Wetlands is on the flight patterns of a large quantity of duck through the fall and winter months, some of the best water fowl hunting in the state.   

There are approximately 450 acres leased by the ranch from neighbors that can possibly be transferred.                                              
The ranch has 3,000 acres under-irrigated pivots

1,000 acres Corn                                                                                                              
600 acres Bermuda Hay                                                                                                
600 acres Wheat & Oats                                                                                                               
Non-irrigated land is currently used as tilled farming, no tilled farming, grazing and hay land.                       
1,300 acres is tilled oats or wheat                                                                                                             
1,400 acres no tilled oats or wheat                                                                                                          
2,000 acres is improved Bermuda Pasture                                                                                            
4,300 acres remaining is scattered Bermuda and native pasture                                                                                
2,693 acres are in a federal Wetland agreement providing excellent hunting of duck, deer, turkey and wild hog.      

 Sold Texas Cattle  Ranch

Riverby Ranch